Contacting and Purchasing

Galen currently lives in Spain, however feel free to contact Galen with any questions about kayak photography, photography in general, or with any comments or suggestions that you would like to see on this blog.

Galen Leeds prints all of his own images, maintaining strict quality control. He only uses archival inks and papers. He will only ship unframed prints, although he does frame for local purchases.

To purchase prints or image usage, it is best to contact Galen directly.

If you will be in the area, and would like to arrange for a kayak photography outing, feel free to contact Galen either as a guide, or just for tips on where to go.

To contact Galen, you have several options-

Phone   +34 692-582-132

Snail Mail- Calle Puerto Pajares, 1 – 1D, 33420 Lugones, Asturias, España

You can also visit Galen’s website to view online galleries of his work.


Or email him with this form-

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