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The Alien Anemone: A brief essay of photos

New Anemones are one of the more otherworldly creatures I can imagine… which I suppose makes sense, as they are from another world, a more watery one of ocean and sea. Some varieties are more regular visitors to our terrestrial … Continue reading

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Manta Ray Night Dive: An Essay in Photos

Darkness beckons on all sides, but I hardly noticed as I stared into a small sea of light. I was afloat on the ocean’s surface, gently bobbing in the swell. An endless teaming column of thousands upon thousands of fish … Continue reading

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Anatomy of a photo #28: Great Blue Heron, boats and mist Part II

When photographing wildlife, the situation is constantly changing. The “wild” in wildlife is not there by accident. These animals and birds are not trained, they act and react according to their own needs and instincts. There is no studio, no … Continue reading

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Anatomy of a photo #5: Bubble Jelly in Drake’s Estero

This is a picture I took while kayaking in Drake’s Estero, a body of water lying within the Point Reyes National Seashore, one of my local parks. This one was simple to take. I have a small, digital point and … Continue reading

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Underwater housings and cameras for kayak photography

Part 1   Underwater Cameras and Housings Kayaking with a camera presents its own set of hazards, the main one (obviously) being water. Today, cameras are more susceptible to damage if they get wet, than in the days of film. … Continue reading

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