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Translating between photography and video: shutter speed and more

As DSLRs become more capable of recording high quality video, it is harder and harder to resist the allure of moving images. And why shouldn’t it be? If a picture is worth a thousand words, and 1 second of video … Continue reading

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Kayak photography video

I spend a lot of time kayaking, exploring, and photographing the natural world. Motorless boats, cameras, and nature all go so well together- gliding silently along, with only the murmur of the paddle to interrupt the songs of the myriad … Continue reading

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Anatomy of a photo #84: Faux Fringing a sheep

I remember well (although apparently not well enough) reading an article by Galen Rowell (yes, the other Galen) about how he was able to create a diffraction fringe around a fellow climber and his ice axe. It’s a fantastic photograph, … Continue reading

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Least Sandpiper and Marbled Godwit, an exercise in video

When I’m out photographing wildlife, especially if I come across a species that I already have really good images of, I will sometimes switch my camera over to video mode. Stills are fantastic and can be so evocative of emotion, … Continue reading

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The Six Pack

This post isn’t about some amazing wildlife experience. It’s not me waxing poetic about the delights of photography. I suppose it at least takes place outdoors, and has a little something to do with the… er… human animal. No, it’s … Continue reading

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How to photograph fireworks

I wrote this last year, and decided I should repost it… It’s actually pretty easy to get the technical parts right, when taking pictures of fireworks, which means the important part is to think ahead and decide where you want … Continue reading

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Sea Otters: A micro movie of a mother and child

I’ve been enjoying a little vacation in Monterey, and in addition to taking many, many photographs of this beautiful area and its abundant marine life, I have also been keeping on with my wildlife video experiments… Hopefully this doesn’t fall … Continue reading

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White-crowned Sparrow: a short video

A bit of editing to do yet, before I can post the video of the Long-tailed Weasel, so I thought I would share a short video I was able to shoot while watching the weasels, of a male White-crowned Sparrow. … Continue reading

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Product Review: Zacuto Z-Finder Pro 3x

As digital SLRs become better and better suited for high quality video shooting, the market has been filling with more and more products to facilitate the process. One thing manny of us stills photographers have to come to grips with … Continue reading

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Finding scale in New Zealand

So often when taking photographs, we see something amazing, raise our cameras, take the shot, and walk away very pleased with ourselves. Until we get home and review our pictures. We were so impressed with how much larger or smaller … Continue reading

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Anatomy of a photo #40: A season of thistles

They are a weed. Their spiky heads can leave a child wailing and an adult cursing. They are often a blight, an eyesore, something to be dealt with or avoided. They also can have their own beauty and intricacies, if … Continue reading

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Using long lenses for portrait photography

When people think about “portrait” photography, it seems they instantly think of fast 50mm and 85mm lenses, perhaps going up or down a hair in focal length. No thanks, I’ve been there, done that, and don’t feel the need to … Continue reading

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