My babies are coming home today!

My babies should be coming home today. That is, my two main camera bodies have been at the factory for over two weeks. I’ve had to rely on lesser cameras and rentals during that time, but finally they are being sent home. Praise be to the camera elves, may my babies be well and whole, cleaned, cared for, and repaired at the factory.

Today, I sit here working at my computer, and I listen to every truck and large vehicle that drives by, hoping against hope that they will arrive yet this morning, though I know that FedEx doesn’t ever really show until the late afternoon.

Ahh to have my darlings home and to be able to have all my camera settings how I like them, to not have to hunt through menu after menu to change the simplest of settings, to set my autofocus controls to how I really like them (best way to set focus controls in my opinion-Getting clarity by turning off your focus). One of the worst things about rentals is they are never set up to how we like them. They are great in a pinch, but only a pinch, especially if you can’t have the specific bodies that you know best.

I haven’t been kayaking in that time, because I just couldn’t face the thought of being out there without my two best buds… No, they are almost more than that… extensions of me, my vision, my consciousness…

Come on home to papa kiddos. I’ve missed you, and nothing has been the same without you.

Oh, and just a side note the repairs were not necessitated by kayak photography, but do to simple wear and tear and camera malfunctions. I stand ready to defend kayak photography against those who worry about camera safety. It is all simply a matter of being properly prepared, like on any other photography quest

About Galen Leeds Photography

Nature and wildlife photographer, exploring the world on his feet and from his kayak. Among other genres, he is one of the leading kayak photographers in Northern California. To learn more about him, visit him on his website-
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6 Responses to My babies are coming home today!

  1. Cee Neuner says:

    You write with such humor!! I’m glad you got your kiddos back!!! I’d be lost!

    • I am so happy that the kids made it home safely. I’ve been worried sick about them. It was the first time they ever went on a trip without me (amazing how quickly they grow up). I am glad you are enjoying my blog Cee. I have been enjoying yours as well

  2. Mark Goodwin says:

    Nice post and I know where you are coming from re ‘your best friends’. As a matter of interest what cameras do you use Galen. I’m a Nikon man and have been since the early 70’s. Love your photography by the way, although I am not the greatest near water! I used to fly fish back in the day but only from the bank. The thought of scooting around in Kayak only inches from the murky depths scares the heck out of me.

    • Thanks Mark. It’s hard to know what I would do without my cameras on a more long term basis. It was a very difficult two weeks, only having my compact digital and my iPhone. I used to have Nikons, back when I was using film. I didn’t have much in the way of fancy lenses however, and when I switched over to digital I went with the Canon SLRs, because I really liked their lenses (and still do). So I am currently shooting with two Canons that have the smaller sensor size, and a variety of lenses ranging from a 16-35 up through a 300mm prime. I sometimes will use a 1.4x converter as well. Occasionally when I want to do something underwater I use my compact digital in its underwater housing. It is a Canon also, so I can use the same software.

      • Mark Goodwin says:

        Thanks Galen.
        BTW I posted the info etc to the RSPB members Forum re the red tail hawks, so we will see what happens. They may be interested enough to visit your site to look at the pics, who knows? Watch this space I guess.

      • Thank you Mark. I’ve had half a dozen visits from your post already. Fast acting, and much appreciated

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