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Once in a lifetime experience

I had one today, while I was sitting alone out in a field over looking some tidal wetlands, working on a timelapse photography project. I heard some footsteps in the grass behind me, and it turns out I had a … Continue reading

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The ethics of disclosing where photographs were taken

I spend a lot of time on public lands and waters, where I see many amazing and delightful things. I photograph them and share them with others. It is not uncommon for people to say, “Wow, where was this taken?” … Continue reading

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Anatomy of a photo #85: Bobcat tongue

I realized it had been a while since I had posted a photo of animals caught in the act of sticking out their tongues, something which seems to happen in a surprising amount of my photographs. These photographs are not … Continue reading

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Anatomy of a photo #84: Faux Fringing a sheep

I remember well (although apparently not well enough) reading an article by Galen Rowell (yes, the other Galen) about how he was able to create a diffraction fringe around a fellow climber and his ice axe. It’s a fantastic photograph, … Continue reading

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Camera settings for kayak photography

Have you ever thought to yourself “What settings should I use on my camera while I am kayaking?” This is especially important to consider with wildlife kayak photography outings, but wonder no longer, help is on the way, in the … Continue reading

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Surfing under the Golden Gate Bridge: An Essay in Photos

I headed over to the south side of the Golden Gate Bridge early one morning, just to photograph this iconic bridge from an angle I haven’t experienced as often, and was surprised to find many people surfing. It is a … Continue reading

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A morning’s kayak

It’s been a long day, but well worth it. I haven’t been making it out on the water enough lately, and so today, even though there was a lot to do later in the day, I made special plans for … Continue reading

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The Six Pack

This post isn’t about some amazing wildlife experience. It’s not me waxing poetic about the delights of photography. I suppose it at least takes place outdoors, and has a little something to do with the… er… human animal. No, it’s … Continue reading

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Chilly morning frost

I had to run out early this morning, to run some errands. As I was returning, the sky was beginning to lighten and I saw fields frosted white, stretching into the distance and wrapping around a creek that feels the … Continue reading

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Learning nature through photography

I imagine some of you have had the same experience as I’ve had, where one day you picked up a camera and began taking photographs, and that those photographs brought you deeper into the natural world. Before I became addicted … Continue reading

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Cape Breton and its highlands

I’ve just left the most amazing place- Cape Breton Island, the eastern and northern most part of Nova Scotia. I’ve spent the last few days exploring it by car and by foot, and feel sorry that I have to leave, … Continue reading

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Packing for Maine and Nova Scotia

I’m getting ready to be gone for a few weeks, part of the time with family in northern Maine, and part of the time backpacking in Nova Scotia. So not only am I taking camera and sound equipment, but I’ll … Continue reading

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