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A portrait of Three Young Kestrels

New Where I used to live there was a hole in the eave, and it turned out to be the perfect size and shape for kestrels to make a nest in. You see, they are cavity nesters, and like to … Continue reading

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The Male Kestrel: An essay of photos

New In my last post I showed photos of a female Kestrel, and then discussed some of the identifying characteristics that we could see. Today, I will be showing my photographs of male Kestrels, and describing some of the ways … Continue reading

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Female Kestrels in flight: An essay of photos

New Kestrels are a fun, marvelous little bird to watch. They are the smallest raptor we have here in the United States (although not by much, a female kestrel can actually be larger than a male Merlin or male Sharp-shinned … Continue reading

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Anatomy of a photo #67: The Kestrel and the Tail

New Most of us have seen it one time or another. A larger bird being mobbed by smaller birds- Red-tails being harassed by ravens, ravens being harassed by black birds. It happens all of the time. It is the preemptive … Continue reading

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