The Marsh Wren: An Essay of Photos


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The Marsh Wren can be a secretive bird, but often times its own voice and its curiosity help the interested party to find this diminutive bird, and even to photograph it. I have memorable images taken on kayak photography outings, but I have also captured pictures of these birds while on foot. Usually all it takes is a little patience, and they will approach you.

Marsh Wren hunting in the reeds

I prefer the low down view that can be captured from a kayak, like in the view above. You can see the bird, the water, everything, and it is more or less from the eye level of the wren itself. It tells the story of the wren, draws the viewer in so that they don’t feel so much like an outsider, but a part of the wrens life.

Marsh Wrens are seed eaters. Find a seed they like in an area that they frequent, and yur chances of photographing one increase

Marsh Wrens enjoy dense stands of reeds and plants. They often will have one or more stands that they feel territorial about. If you hear their buzzing call or their trilling crescendo coming from a grouping of vegetation, approach it a little and settle down. Their curiosity and territoriality will make them approach the edges of the vegetation, where they will peak out, allowing a shot or two before they disappear back inside. Often they won’t show themselves more than once or twice while they figure out what you are, so use your chances wisely. This seems fairly true for kayak photography as well as land based.

The Marsh Wren often can't help itself. It has to sing when it feels territorial, and this can help you to locate it

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