Tomales Founder’s Day: Photos of Parades Gone By

This years parade will begin at 12 noon on Sunday, September 4th, 2011. There is a party in the town park afterwards.

The town is already filling up. The smell of home made sausages, Indian food, and tri-tip are starting to commingle and dance through the air. The old cars are already rolling into town. I am very excited for this year, as there is an especially good line up of foods being prepared in the town’s newly renovated park. The sky is grey, but there is a feeling of anticipation building evenly towards what will hopefully be a grand crest.



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I live in a small town. Every year at Labor Day, we have a small festival to celebrate the founding of our town. There is a short parade with fire engines, tractors, old cars, and small children with their toys or pets. It is like many another small town parade, except that it is ours, and so to us it is special.

This post is especially dedicated to an octogenarian that had graced our parade in the past, but who is no longer with us. Blair, your town misses you. Your smile, your wit, your laugh… and your electric car.

Blair as parade Marshall one year

A genteman and his grand daughter

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2 Responses to Tomales Founder’s Day: Photos of Parades Gone By

  1. Wow, Galen, you have a fabulous site. Thanks for stopping by and checking out my mystery writing site.

    • Thanks Chris. I look forward to reading your mystery as it developes. You can thank your partner Cee for getting me to your site, as she found me first, and I enjoyed her site enough to read it and find out about you.

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