Long-tailed Weasel… at last!

For years I’ve been trying to get photographs of a Long-tailed Weasel, but all I’ve ever seen was a frozen figure an instant before it disappeared or a dead one on the side of the road. I’ve had a couple of sightings a year for the last three or four, but something I was able to photograph? Not a chance… until Sunday and again yesterday, and then I was able to get some really good photography sessions in with a wild female that I came across in my wanderings.

The Long-tailed Weasel

Here is a little teaser of what I was able to capture with stills, plus I was able to get some fantastic HD video, using some of my new toys for my DSLR. The one place where all of my shooting is truly lacking however is action shots- This is one fast little animal! I’ll post more images later, along with some of the video footage (I’m just too excited to wait, and have to give you all something). I’ll also give some of the details on the experience. Enjoy

Notice the long tail, usually 10-40% of its whole length

About Galen Leeds Photography

Nature and wildlife photographer, exploring the world on his feet and from his kayak. Among other genres, he is one of the leading kayak photographers in Northern California. To learn more about him, visit him on his website- www.galenleeds.net
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13 Responses to Long-tailed Weasel… at last!

  1. They are such cute creatures, I can see why you wanted to get their photos. The top photo reminds me of meerkats. It looks like the weasel is just as expressive and alert. Your video will be enjoyable to watch, I am sure.

    • I just watched the Mattius Klum video, and you’re right, they are rather similar (although weasels aren’t nearly so social). It was a very interesting animal to watch. I hope the video is fun, a little editing to do before then (quite a bit of time spent recording a hole where no weasel was appearing), however there where also some good stretches of activity.

  2. Vicki says:


  3. rathompson says:

    patience and perseverance always pay off….. that first still is a great capture :)

  4. Mark Goodwin says:

    Excellent pics Galen and thank you for sharing them. I also have recently invested in a new DSLR with Movie, (Nikon D3S), unfortunately, I am not having the greatest of success as yet. However, not giving up. I know it’s all to do with the setting up plus the lens. I tend to use a Nikon 28-300mm most of the time as it is such a handy lens. However, it can get a bit heavy when using the video feature in Live View, at arms length! If only they could work out a way to use the video feature whereby you could still look through the viewfinder. I do understand the mirror problem. But it’s just so much easier with my video camera, but who wants to carry two cameras, plus my Nikon is HD.
    Definitely looking forward to seeing your movie clips of the Weasel.

    • I recently got a loop that attaches to the LCD screen , which while not as good as looking through the prisms view finder, does a much better job than holding the camera at arms length. First it gives an additional point of contact (the eyecup of the loupe), and secondly it is easier to see what is happening on that little screen by magnifying it. Oh yes, and since the camera is closer to the body, it saves all that strain on the arms. I went for one of the more expensive versions because I really like the mechanism for fastening it onto the camera (most of them use an adhesive, the one I purchased has a baseplate that works with a tripod, and the loop then clips on and off of the baseplate).

      I don’t use tripods when I can avoid it, but I’ve been finding that it helps immensely with video… tripods don’t really work on kayaks however… so I am looking into several brands of supports that are sort of like rifle stocks for cameras. The pressure against the chest helps to steady everything a little more and to transfer at least some of the weight. Some are lighter than others, some more adjustable, and some made a little more for comfort. The ones I am looking at are fairly compact, yet adjustable.

      If you want any info on the products I am looking at, I can send it on to you. Also, I plan on doing a review of the loupe that I am using in the next week or two.

      Happy shooting

  5. Excellent photos. Your patience paid off. Thank you for stopping by my blog.

  6. John Todaro says:

    Image 1928 on top: Nice!

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