Silhouettes: An essay in photos

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I was feeling a little inspired by my post of a few days ago- Silhouettes on the water, and thought I would post some of the silhouettes I’ve photographed over the ages. And if any of you would like to post a link to your favorite silhouettes that you have taken, feel free to do so in the comment section below. Happy shooting,


PS if there are particular images that people like, I can go over their creation in a future post

Anything can become a silhouette in the right light, even a cattle chute

Silhouettes are not limited to nearby objects

About Galen Leeds Photography

Nature and wildlife photographer, exploring the world on his feet and from his kayak. Among other genres, he is one of the leading kayak photographers in Northern California. To learn more about him, visit him on his website-
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12 Responses to Silhouettes: An essay in photos

  1. mom says:

    SO many beautiful photos! Lots of favorites. Thank you.

  2. animalartist says:

    The third one is truly amazing. You must have some phenomenal fogs there.

    • We definitely get some good fogs out here. We get so many varieties and types, that I often feel we should be like the laplanders and snow, that have twenty or thirty words for it, each for a different type. And I must say, fog can help make for some great silhouettes, although it is by no means necessary

  3. Nae's Nest says:

    Beautiful pics. lovely

  4. lylekrahn says:

    Great use of that approach. I need to remind myself to use it more often.

  5. That last one is amazing. Looks like a painting! Love it.

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