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Anatomy of a photo #3: Great Egret hunting in the fog

This image was made while kayaking early one morning on Drake’s Estero. When I saw this egret on the local oyster farm’s racks, I knew right away that I wanted a vertical orientation to the picture. The structure of the … Continue reading

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Anatomy of a photo #46: Young Raccoons on the rocks

Early morning, extra low tide, the long days of summer… Put them tgether, and it’s the perfect time to find and photograph raccoons as they search for crabs and tidbits by the first light of the day. The other time … Continue reading

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Elephant Seals: Mother Love

It’s November, and the first of the bull Elephant Seals should be starting to arrive any day now, ready to stake out their territories on select beaches of the California Coast. They will be vying for choice real-estate, that they … Continue reading

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Birds in Flight: Part I

New I’ve recently had questions about photographing birds in flight. Today I will begin to address some of the techniques and tips for flight pictures, although to some degree it will be somewhat general, as there are so many different … Continue reading

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Portrait of a Turnstone

The Black Turnstone is one of the sandpipers that winters along the entire Pacific Coastline of the United States and of parts south. You may have seen my fairly recent post of Turnstones bathing on the shores of Tomales Bay, … Continue reading

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Gobble gobble

Gobble. Gobble gobble, gobble. Gobble gobble gobble Gobble-gobble-gobble. Gibble? Gobble. Gobble! *This post has been brought to you by the wild turkeys of West Marin. No animals were injured or killed in the making of this post, nor were they … Continue reading

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The Red-necked Phalarope: One of the littlest birds that could

New This is one of the funnest little birds that I know of to watch, and one of the more remarkable. I often see them on the bays near where I live during as they migrate between the arctic where … Continue reading

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Anatomy of a photo #82: Let sleeping seals lie

Most of my Harbor Seals portraits have been taken while kayaking, in fact I’ve written posts discussing techniques on photographing them from kayaks, but that is not the only way to capture images of them, even if it is my … Continue reading

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Elk have big tongues & Why did galen cross the road

I’ve been blogging for many months now, and during that time I’ve written quite a few articles and shown many photographs. The photos have ranged over quite a variety of creatures and topics. I’ve had many visitors stop by to … Continue reading

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The safe way to approach an elk’s antlers

In reference to yesterday’s post about the dangers of elk and tripods, I have since learned a safe way to approach the antlers of an elk- Need I say more?

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The story of the elk and the tripod

Near where I live, in the heart of the Point Reyes National Seashore, there is an elk preserve. It is thousands of acres and holds somewhere in the vicinity of 400 Tule Elk. Chances are generally quite good that you … Continue reading

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The Elegant Tern of the Seasons (and no, “auto-correct” did not goof the title)

New Orion twinkled above me as I slid my kayak into the water this morning. I clicked off my headlamp and paddled into the slowly brightening day, my paddlerocketing me my gentle paddle strokes easing me into the coming adventure. … Continue reading

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