In honor of the Golden Gates 75th

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Today there were many celebrations for the Golden Gate Bridge’s 75th anniversary of its opening up to the public. While I was not able to attend the celebrations, I thought I would post some of the photographs I have taken over the years of this iconic creation.

I’ve noticed that nearly all of the photographs I’ve made of this bridge have been from the northern side, up in the Marin Headlands. There have of course been the occasional forays to Fort Point on the San Francisco side, and even a few shots taken while passing under the bridge on the way to and from fishing… I suppose I am largely a creature of habit however.

Watching the surfers from the San Francisco side of the bridge

No matter where I stand however, this bridge has always impressed me, as it sits there, guarding us, guarding the ocean, acting as a portal to our dreams.

Such a different bridge from underneath, so little of its red color noticeable as it is cast in shadow

For more detailed information on some of these photographs you can read

Photographing the Golden Gate Bridge at sunrise
The Surfer and the Bridge
Or you can look at my photo essay of people as they surf by under the bridge

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3 Responses to In honor of the Golden Gates 75th

  1. nonoymanga says:

    Powerful photos!!! Thanks for sharing Nonoy Manga

  2. Vicki says:

    I love the different perspectives of the bridge

  3. Great fotos, as always – love the one with the surfers. Wonder if you know photog Richard Misrach’s book “Golden Gate”? He photographed the bridge for 3 years at all times of day, in all weather conditions. It’s beautiful.

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