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Cape Breton and its highlands

I’ve just left the most amazing place- Cape Breton Island, the eastern and northern most part of Nova Scotia. I’ve spent the last few days exploring it by car and by foot, and feel sorry that I have to leave, … Continue reading

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“Why did you come here? I mean now?”

We’ve been here four days now, traveling and exploring, and since we’ve been traveling around, exploring, and engaging the locals of northern Maine and New Brunswick, we seem to get two questions, the second inevitably right on the tail of … Continue reading

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In honor of the Golden Gates 75th

Today there were many celebrations for the Golden Gate Bridge’s 75th anniversary of its opening up to the public. While I was not able to attend the celebrations, I thought I would post some of the photographs I have taken … Continue reading

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Photographing the common in preparation for the uncommon

One of the greatest aids to becoming a good photographer is to create images of what you find around you. Photograph what interests you, what you can find easily in your day to day life. We are used to seeing … Continue reading

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Sea Otters: A micro movie of a mother and child

I’ve been enjoying a little vacation in Monterey, and in addition to taking many, many photographs of this beautiful area and its abundant marine life, I have also been keeping on with my wildlife video experiments… Hopefully this doesn’t fall … Continue reading

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Oysterscapes: An Essay of Photos

Water seems to be a central theme here in this bucolic stretch of northern California. With Tomales Bay and Drake’s Estero, here in my lap, I find myself hardly able to escape aquaculture during my many paddlings. Millions of visitors … Continue reading

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Finding scale in New Zealand

So often when taking photographs, we see something amazing, raise our cameras, take the shot, and walk away very pleased with ourselves. Until we get home and review our pictures. We were so impressed with how much larger or smaller … Continue reading

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