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Packing for Maine and Nova Scotia

I’m getting ready to be gone for a few weeks, part of the time with family in northern Maine, and part of the time backpacking in Nova Scotia. So not only am I taking camera and sound equipment, but I’ll … Continue reading

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Moonfire on the beach

I went kayak camping the other weekend, and the tides were especially high. The small, remote beach we were camping on had a fire ring built by previous occupants. Normally, the pit would have been usable for a normal fire, … Continue reading

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Anatomy of a photo #76: Otter tongue (and fish)

New I see otter tongues with some regularity, either while they are eating and sometimes while they are grooming on shore between swims. Usually though it is a quick flash inside of the mouth as they are chewing, or a … Continue reading

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Stanislaus National Park: A tour in Photos

New One of the more delightful backpacking trips I’ve been on in quite some time, was a trip I made with a friend of mine. We had a three day weekend ahead of us. We wanted that High Sierra feeling, … Continue reading

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