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Packing for Maine and Nova Scotia

I’m getting ready to be gone for a few weeks, part of the time with family in northern Maine, and part of the time backpacking in Nova Scotia. So not only am I taking camera and sound equipment, but I’ll … Continue reading

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Sea Otters: A micro movie of a mother and child

I’ve been enjoying a little vacation in Monterey, and in addition to taking many, many photographs of this beautiful area and its abundant marine life, I have also been keeping on with my wildlife video experiments… Hopefully this doesn’t fall … Continue reading

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The shore is not the horizon

I spend a lot of my time photographing on the water and near the water. As such there have been a few things I’ve had to learn- water reflects light, water is bad for your camera, your feet get wet … Continue reading

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Finding scale in New Zealand

So often when taking photographs, we see something amazing, raise our cameras, take the shot, and walk away very pleased with ourselves. Until we get home and review our pictures. We were so impressed with how much larger or smaller … Continue reading

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