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Practice panning so that you can get smooth crisp movement

Now that SLRs are video capable, it becomes necessary to practice more skills. One that can be especially useful is panning. First, whenever possible use a tripod. You will have more control and a smoother result. The actual speed of … Continue reading

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Use presets if you have them to switch between video and still shooting

For video and stills you want to use two very different shutter speeds. Often when shooting stills, it is best to have the highest shutter speed you can while maintaining the aperture and ISO that you want. Not so for … Continue reading

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New Zealand’s Red-Billed Gull: Feeding on 90 Mile Beach

The Red-billed Gull is one of those ubiquitous birds here in New Zealand, but as such it is a good bird for providing a study in their habits. This short video shows one of its styles of feeding. Enjoy, Galen

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