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How to photograph fireworks

I just realized that I needed to freshen up on the technicalities of how to photograph fireworks, since I only get a chance to practice once a year. I thought perhaps all of you might also appreciate a refresher or … Continue reading

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Translating between photography and video: shutter speed and more

As DSLRs become more capable of recording high quality video, it is harder and harder to resist the allure of moving images. And why shouldn’t it be? If a picture is worth a thousand words, and 1 second of video … Continue reading

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How to photograph fireworks

Just realized that it’s about time to repost this one… It’s actually pretty easy to get the technical parts right, when taking pictures of fireworks, which means the important part is to think ahead and decide where you want to … Continue reading

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Least Sandpiper and Marbled Godwit, an exercise in video

When I’m out photographing wildlife, especially if I come across a species that I already have really good images of, I will sometimes switch my camera over to video mode. Stills are fantastic and can be so evocative of emotion, … Continue reading

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The “Why” of Photography

When I am out with my camera, creating photographs, I find one of the most important questions I can ask myself is “Why?”. Not so much “why am I taking photos?” but rather “Why am I taking this photo? Why does … Continue reading

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The shore is not the horizon

I spend a lot of my time photographing on the water and near the water. As such there have been a few things I’ve had to learn- water reflects light, water is bad for your camera, your feet get wet … Continue reading

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Approaching wild animals, without walking towards them

The key to approaching wild animals, is to remember that they are wild. Profound isn’t it? Well, for this lesson, it boils down to this- if you walk directly towards an animal, that is an aggressive form of behavior. In … Continue reading

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How to take photographs from a kayak: Six quick tips on holding yourself and your camera

Perhaps one of the most important things for being a successful kayak photographer is learning how to hold your camera and your body. Since a tripod is impractical do to the amplified movement at its head, you and your body … Continue reading

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Focusing on Portraits: Animals and otherwise

A portrait tries, with a single snapshot in time, to tell a story. This is true, whether the image is of an old ranch hand, a cow, or a wild animal. Usually this will be a tightly focused image, where … Continue reading

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Finding scale in New Zealand

So often when taking photographs, we see something amazing, raise our cameras, take the shot, and walk away very pleased with ourselves. Until we get home and review our pictures. We were so impressed with how much larger or smaller … Continue reading

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Intro to aperture, shutter speed and ISO: Part I Aperture

There are three main factors within your camera that affect the proper exposure of your photographs. They are the aperture (how much light you let pass through the lens at any given moment), the shutter speed (how long you let … Continue reading

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Anatomy of a photo #47: Mt Tam from Mt Vision

Early morning. What a wonderful magical time of day. I’ve heard that from a scientific point of view the range of sunrise colors is equal to sunset, and that one is simply the other in reverse, but from an emotional … Continue reading

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