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The nose knows: Do you?

Do you know this nose?

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The Coyote Yawns: A short series of photographs

I came across this coyote one day while hiking in the hills of San Francisco’s Bay area. (The East Bay actually, near the historic Black Diamond Sand Mines out towards Antioch and Somersville.) It sat there long enough for me … Continue reading

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Anatomy of a photo #24: Dog’s Eye

One of my favorite ways to take a picture of an animal (as long as I am close enough) is to zoom in on a particular characteristic, and them take the photograph with a shallow depth of field. That is … Continue reading

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Anatomy of a photo #9:Harbor Seal portrait

I captured this image the first time I took my dad kayaking. It was early one afternoon in Tomales Bay, when the winds were calm. While I have seen many seals on the bay, we were lucky on this day … Continue reading

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Anatomy of a photo #8: Morning calf and fence

This is not one of the technically best images, as there are highlights in the calves face that are blown out (detail is lost in the white, because it is a little overexposed). Also, the calves face is more centered … Continue reading

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Focusing on portraits: Animal and otherwise

A portrait tries, with a single snapshot in time, to tell a story. This is true, whether the image is of an old ranch hand, a cow, or a wild animal. Usually this will be a tightly focused image, where … Continue reading

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