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Chickadee in a spider’s web

One day while kayaking with a friend, I saw something I never imagined to see. A Chestnut-backed Chickadee with its wind stuck in a spider’s web. There were actually many of these thick spiderwebs around, and several chickadees, but only … Continue reading

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Moonfire on the beach

I went kayak camping the other weekend, and the tides were especially high. The small, remote beach we were camping on had a fire ring built by previous occupants. Normally, the pit would have been usable for a normal fire, … Continue reading

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Photographer’s dream

I just found out that Air New Zealand and NZ’s D.O.C. have come up with the Great Walker contest, and it sounds like a photographer’s dream. Nine weeks to walk New Zealand’s Nine Great Walks, all paid for. All you … Continue reading

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Simple security for your lost camera

I was listening to one of my favorite radio shows the other day- The Vinyl Cafe with Stuart Maclean- and he had a story about a woman that had lost her camera, and it had several years of photos on … Continue reading

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Focus on the eyes. Really.

I’ve written about this before, and I’ll write about it again. Ask almost any photographer, and they will tell you the same- Focus on the eyes when taking pictures. It doesn’t matter whether you are photographing people or animals, birds … Continue reading

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Silhouettes: An essay in photos

I was feeling a little inspired by my post of a few days ago- Silhouettes on the water, and thought I would post some of the silhouettes I’ve photographed over the ages. And if any of you would like to … Continue reading

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Silhouettes on the water

Creating a silhouette can be a quick, yet powerful way of making a dynamic image. They cut out the extraneous details, bringing the photograph down to a simplified field of light and dark, to outlines and shapes. The fine details … Continue reading

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How to photograph fireworks

I wrote this last year, and decided I should repost it… It’s actually pretty easy to get the technical parts right, when taking pictures of fireworks, which means the important part is to think ahead and decide where you want … Continue reading

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In honor of the Golden Gates 75th

Today there were many celebrations for the Golden Gate Bridge’s 75th anniversary of its opening up to the public. While I was not able to attend the celebrations, I thought I would post some of the photographs I have taken … Continue reading

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Photographing the common in preparation for the uncommon

One of the greatest aids to becoming a good photographer is to create images of what you find around you. Photograph what interests you, what you can find easily in your day to day life. We are used to seeing … Continue reading

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Photographing a skunk… sort of

I sometimes wonder what it says about me, that when I see this- I do not turn my own tail and head the other direction. Instead, if it is not already in my hand, I grab my camera and set … Continue reading

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Sea Otters: A micro movie of a mother and child

I’ve been enjoying a little vacation in Monterey, and in addition to taking many, many photographs of this beautiful area and its abundant marine life, I have also been keeping on with my wildlife video experiments… Hopefully this doesn’t fall … Continue reading

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