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Surfing under the Golden Gate Bridge: An Essay in Photos

I headed over to the south side of the Golden Gate Bridge early one morning, just to photograph this iconic bridge from an angle I haven’t experienced as often, and was surprised to find many people surfing. It is a … Continue reading

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Least Sandpiper and Marbled Godwit, an exercise in video

When I’m out photographing wildlife, especially if I come across a species that I already have really good images of, I will sometimes switch my camera over to video mode. Stills are fantastic and can be so evocative of emotion, … Continue reading

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A morning’s kayak

It’s been a long day, but well worth it. I haven’t been making it out on the water enough lately, and so today, even though there was a lot to do later in the day, I made special plans for … Continue reading

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The Six Pack

This post isn’t about some amazing wildlife experience. It’s not me waxing poetic about the delights of photography. I suppose it at least takes place outdoors, and has a little something to do with the… er… human animal. No, it’s … Continue reading

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Chilly morning frost

I had to run out early this morning, to run some errands. As I was returning, the sky was beginning to lighten and I saw fields frosted white, stretching into the distance and wrapping around a creek that feels the … Continue reading

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Learning nature through photography

I imagine some of you have had the same experience as I’ve had, where one day you picked up a camera and began taking photographs, and that those photographs brought you deeper into the natural world. Before I became addicted … Continue reading

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The drive for the better photograph

While I have done a bit of driving around to find a better vantage or hunting new landscapes and vistas, that is not the sort of “drive” I am talking about.I’m thinking more of the drive that makes us pursue … Continue reading

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Amazing photo opportunity

ENTRIES ARE NOW CLOSED …and no, I’m not talking about a recent photographic adventure that I’ve had, but rather one that you, my dear readers, could go on yourselves… if you think you have what it takes. National Geographic Channel … Continue reading

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Cape Breton and its highlands

I’ve just left the most amazing place- Cape Breton Island, the eastern and northern most part of Nova Scotia. I’ve spent the last few days exploring it by car and by foot, and feel sorry that I have to leave, … Continue reading

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“Why did you come here? I mean now?”

We’ve been here four days now, traveling and exploring, and since we’ve been traveling around, exploring, and engaging the locals of northern Maine and New Brunswick, we seem to get two questions, the second inevitably right on the tail of … Continue reading

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Welcome to Maine

The trees are growing bare, but there is still some color hanging in there, giving us at least a taste of fall before the winds of Hurricane Sandy make it up here in a few days to strip the branches … Continue reading

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Packing for Maine and Nova Scotia

I’m getting ready to be gone for a few weeks, part of the time with family in northern Maine, and part of the time backpacking in Nova Scotia. So not only am I taking camera and sound equipment, but I’ll … Continue reading

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